Civil war

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Civil Wars is a feature, in which a Country is divided over political differences, if the conditions are met. Any Country in the game can experience Civil War.


Foreign influence, or selecting certain Ministers, will cause a shift in popular opinion and allow different Ideologies to gain political support. Once it reaches a high enough level, the player may choose to side with one of the two sides in the Civil War. The change in influence is slow, but can be speeded up by external factors, such as foreign support, and events. Civil Wars may be actively pursued, but can happen even if not desired, if political support for a different ideology reaches high enough levels.

Civil Wars can also be triggered by foreign-supported attemped coups. For this a country must supply Political Power and Equipment.

Once a Civil War breaks out, the country is divided into two. How it divides varies for non-scripted Civil Wars. The two sides immediately enters a state of war with the opposing side, fighting to unite the Country under their flag.

Pre-scripted Civil Wars

Historical Civil Wars usually occur when it did historically, like Spain. In these the division of the country is based on historical circumstances. Although pre-scripted, these Civil Wars may also be affected by foreign influence and support, volunteers and expeditionary forces, and may force other countries to intervene.