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Столичная провинция

Форма правления
Фашистская диктатура

Ось (From 1940-06-10)

Италия начинает с территориями современной Италии, Зарой (современный Задар, на побережье Далмации), Додеканесом (включая Родос), Ливией, Эритреей и Сомали. Под властью фашистов во главе с Муссолини, Италия стремится возродить величие старой Римской Империи в виде Итальянской Империи.

Исторический контекст

Ещё до вступления во Вторую Мировую войну Италия захватила Эфиопию и Албанию. Несмотря на Стальной пакт с Германией, Италия не вступала в войну до Июня 1940, планируя получить часть территорий союзников с поражением Франции. Военные успехи итальянцев были не впечатляющими, учитывая поражения в Греции, Северной Африке, Эфиопии и Средиземноморье. Союзники устроили высадку в Италии в 1943 и правительство Муссолини пало.

Новое правительство маршала Пьетро Бадольо прекратило войну с Союзниками, но большая часть страны была довольно скоро оккупирована немцами, где они создали марионеточное правительство с Муссолини во главе - Итальянскую социальную республику в северной Италии. Бадольо вместе с королём бежали в Бриндизи, не отдавая при этом никаких приказов армии. Королевское правительство сохранило контроль над Югом, объявило войну Германии и провозгласило себя правительством единой Италии незадолго до окончания войны в 1945. В северной Италии всё это время развивалась активная партизанская деятельность, значительно усложнявшая жизнь немцам. После войны Италия стала членом НАТО, но была вынуждена передать регион Истрии и город Задар Югославии, а также утратила все колонии кроме Сомали. The new royal government of Marshal Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice with the allies, but most of the country was quickly occupied by the Germans and established a puppet government under Mussolini's leadership, the Italian Social Republic, in Northern Italy. Badoglio and the king escaped to Brindisi without giving any order to the army. The royal government remained in control of the south, declared war on Germany, and declared itself as the government of all of Italy shortly before the end of the war in the spring of 1945. Significant partisan actions took place in northern Italy. Italy would become a member of NATO after the war, but lost the region of Istria and the Dalmatian city of Zadar to Yugoslavia, and all its colonies excluding Somalia.


Brief overview of nation's technological capabilities.


Italy's political overview.

Italy starts at war with Ethiopia, which is something they will be focusing on for the first months of the game. The Italian technological superiority pretty much guarantees that they will win the war. The new transportation mechanics makes it less of a hassle to strengthen this theatre, and less of a hassle to move back troops afterwards.


At the 1936 start date, Italy has no alliances, but is guaranteeing Albania.


Brief overview of nation's decisions.


Brief overview of nation's events.


Italy has an interesting national focus tree with five different entry points.

Here you can put some stuff that relates to the political situation in-game in 1936 and following years.

Национальный дух

Italy starts with two national spirits.

Victor Emmanuel III icon
Victor Emmanuel III
  • National unity: +5%
The "Soldier King" remind the Italians of their recent victories in the Great War. His presence and their loyalty to him is a great source of unity for the people.
Vittoria Mutilata icon
Vittoria Mutilata
  • Acceptance of Communist Diplomacy: −10
  • Acceptance of Democratic Diplomacy: −10
  • Acceptance of Fascist Diplomacy: +10
  • AI Modifier: Focus on Offense: +50%
  • Justify war goal time: −5%
Our allies betrayed Italy and stabbed us in the back when they broke the Pact of London. We sacrificed so much blood at the Isonzo for their victory and they in turn denied us what was ours by right. Now Italy will take her destiny into her own hands and ensure that justice is done.

Национальные фокусы

Italy has an interesting National Focus tree with five different entry points.

  • Ethiopian War Logistics - A smaller tree which focuses on industrial build up.
  • Army Primacy - Strengthens your army research.
  • Mare Nostrum - The big naval strengthening tree.
  • Light Ship Focus - Destroyer & Submarine benefits.
  • Triumph in Africa - The big political and diplomatic tree, where you have lots of different choices on who to befriend and conquer.




Brief overview of nation's intelligence capability in 1936.


Here you can type some informative bits about this nation's economy in-game in 1936 and following years.

Промышленное производство

Italy's Industry is very weak compared to other major powers. It is advised to build military and civilian factories early on as well as dockyards to meet the increasing demand for factories as you upgrade and expand your production to supply the army, navy, and airforce, as well as having factories to use for trade. Researching the Ethiopian Infrastructure focus line will give you free factories down the road, and thus should be taken early. In addition to the above, you should research industrial technology straight away to allow you to increase your available resources as well as lower construction times.


Italy's navies overview.


Italy has 39 divisions in 1936, but while that looks strong, it is due to them moving to binary divisions earlier, so each of their divisions has less punching power.

Моторизованные части

Year Name Type
1936 SPA Dovunque 41 Motorized I
1941 Fiat 665NM protetto Mechanized I
1943 Breda 61 Mechanized II
1945 SPA Dovunque 35 protetto Mechanized III


Name Type Techyear Tank Destroyer / SP-Artillery / Armored AA Variants
Great War Tank 1918 Нет
L3 Лёгкий танк I 1934 Нет
L6 Лёгкий танк II 1936 Нет
L8 Лёгкий танк III 1941 Нет
M15 Средний танк I 1939 M.43 105/25 (ПТ) / M15/42 Carro Contraereo (AAA)
M16 Средний танк II 1941 Нет
M20/43 Средний танк III 1943 Нет
P75 Heavy Tank I 1934 Нет
P26 Heavy Tank II 1941 Нет
P43 Heavy Tank III 1943 Нет
Il Duce Сверхтяжёлый танк 1943 Нет
P45 MBT 1945 Нет


The navy is rather strong with 2 battleships (and 2 more under construction in 1936), 8 heavy cruisers, and 80 smaller ships, but is not very modern. From the start there will be 2 more battleships in production, which would be wise to continue as battleships will most likely comprise the majority of Italy's naval power.


Name Type Techyear
? Destroyer I 1922
? Destroyer II 1936
? Destroyer III 1940
? Destroyer IV 1944
? Light Cruiser I 1922
? Light Cruiser II 1936
? Light Cruiser III 1940
? Light Cruiser IV 1944
? Heavy Cruiser I 1922
? Heavy Cruiser II 1936
? Heavy Cruiser III 1940
? Heavy Cruiser IV 1944
? Battlecruiser I 1922
? Battlecruiser II 1940
? Battleship I 1922
? Battleship II 1936
Littorio Class Battleship III 1940
? Battleship IV 1944
? Super Heavy Battleship I 1936
? Super Heavy Battleship II 1944
? Carrier I 1922
? Carrier II 1936
? Carrier III 1940
? Carrier IV 1944


The Air Force have about 300 fighters and 400 bombers in 1936, but it is not modern.

Light Airframe

Name Type Techyear Carrier Variant
? Great War Fighter 1933
Macchi C.200 'Saetta' Fighter I 1936
Macchi C.202 'Folgore' Fighter II 1940
Fiat G.55 'Centauro' Fighter III 1944
? Jet Fighter I 1945
? Jet Fighter II 1950
Breda Ba.65 CAS I 1936
Breda Ba.88 'Lince' CAS II 1940
? CAS III 1944
? Naval Bomber I 1936
? Naval Bomber II 1940
? Naval Bomber III 1944

Medium Airframe

Name Type Techyear
? Tactical Bomber I 1933
S.M.79 Tactical Bomber II 1936
? Tactical Bomber III 1940
? Tactical Bomber IV 1944
? Jet Tactical Bomber I 1945
? Jet Tactical Bomber II 1950
? Heavy Fighter I 1936
? Heavy Fighter II 1940
? Heavy Fighter III 1944

Heavy Airframe

Name Type Techyear
? Stategic Bomber I 1936
P.108B Strategic Bomber II 1940
? Stategic Bomber III 1944
? Jet Stategic Bomber I 1950

Стратегии и руководства

Italy First Opening(tested on 1.0)

For historical AI, if you're willing to sacrifice your research slot for a little bit and get the timing right, you can make Italy into an incredibly strong fascist power. The basic idea is to time your focuses so that you can invade Greece a few days before 25% tension(Japanese invasion of China) and fight Greece with Bulgaria and Yugoslavia as allies. When you're done, you'll also have Turkey in your faction with Romania and Spain later on in the process. Why Greece and not Yugoslavia or Turkey? Greece has much better resources and factories than Yugoslavia and Turkey. You pretty much have to invade either Greece or Turkey, but generally faction allies are better than territory unless you need the resources because they can better use their manpower than you can. Focus Order: Ethiopian War Logistics, Industrial Effort, Triumph in Africa, Support Nationalist Spain, Befriend Yugoslavia, Albanian Occupation, Befriend Bulgaria, Italy First, War with Greece, Befriend Turkey. After this get your research slot, eventually you'll want the wardec focus for Uk or France so you can enter the war when you want. (A little later is better, let Germany wear them down first)


  1. Finish the Ethiopian war before the Spanish civil war starts.
  2. Send volunteers to support nationalist Spain(3-tank divisions). You want the nationalists to win the war(which you can pretty much guarantee) but not before you finish support nationalist spain.(So the Spanish alliance is unlocked in the tech tree. Early deploy some divisions in training if you're not up to the 3 division limit for volunteers when the war starts.)
  3. After the Albanian occupation, setup for the Greek invasion. You need to wardec pretty much on the day the war with Greece focus completes.
  4. Invite Yugoslavia to your faction when Italy first completes, you'll get Bulgaria automatically.


  1. If you want Romania in your faction, you probably need to pick befriend Romania pretty quickly after war with Greece, maybe before befriend Turkey. In my game, I waited too long and they were Democratic and couldn't turn fascist before Hungary wardeced them.
  2. Until/if they patch it, spending the political power to support fascism in the USA will turn USA fascist around Dec 1939/Jan 1940. Effectively knocking them out of the game.
  3. Before the greek war don't worry about building tanks. Build artillery and mountaineers. Other than a slight tungsten shortage, your early game resources are well suited to building these and your sucky Italian tanks will be worthless in the Greek mountains anyway. I'd recommend mountaineers divisions with 7 mountaineer + 2 towed artillery + support artillery and support engineers. Your soft attack will be gigantic and you'll cut through Greece like butter. Research the '36 light tanks and build them after the war. With the tungsten you get in Greece leaning heavier into towed artillery is very viable leading into the start of the war.
  4. You should send your 3-tank divisions to help Japan in China after Greece, try to build one more division and get your volunteer limit up to 4. Four tanks in the terrain of China can guarantee Japan a quick win before they burn all their manpower. Especially since there will be only 1-2 tanks divisions in the entire war. (From the Soviets) Keep buffing your tank divisions(make sure to get the '36 light tank). You should be in a position to enter the world war with 4 really beefy veteran '36 light tank divisions. I'd recommend 6 motor brigades. 4 light tank brigades(ideally upgraded to +2,+2,+2,+2). Support: engineers, recon, artillery, anti-tank.(the AT isn't super necessary, but nice if you run into those soviet tanks)
  5. Not specific to Italy First but in 1.0 you need to spam the '36 fighters before entering the war. One full production line by '38 is bare minimum. Unfortunately, lend leasing them to Japan doesn't seem to net you much air XP.

Time Line:

  1. Before 20MAY1936 Conquer Ethiopia
  2. By Spanish Civil War: Be at 41 divisions, two new divisions, to allow 3 volunteer divisions.
  3. After Support Nationalist Spain: Can end Spanish Civil War
  4. After 22SEP1937 Declare war on Greece
  5. By 31DEC1937 Get Romanian Fascist party elected (>22% ? )

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