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[[Category:Game concepts]]
[[Category:Game concepts]]

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States that are not owned (annex) but are fully controlled are considered occupied.

Occupation policy

Harsher policies extract more resources and industry out of the occupied states. However, they also increase resistance growth, require more Political Power to maintain, and reduce manpower.

Policy Resistance growth Occupation cost Resources Manpower Factories
Gentlest.png Gentlest −60% −30% −70% −60%
Gentle.png Gentle −40% 0.01 −20% −80% −40%
Harsh.png Harsh −20% 0.02 −10% −90% −20%
Harshest.png Harshest 0.04 −100%



Resistance strength is increased daily by:

  • 0.1% for each victory point in the state.
  •  ? for resistance in neighboring states. This means it is much easier to halt resistances early.

Any modifier from occupation policy is then applied multiplicatively.


Resistance strength is decreased daily by 0.1% for each unit of suppression in the province. Suppression is provided by the following unit types:

  • All infantry and Mot/Mech: 1 per battalion.
  • Cavalry: 5 per battalion.
  • Military Police: +20%; can be increased with tech.


The effects of resistance scale proportionally. 100% resistance gives the following effects in the state:

  • -50% local (i.e. not incoming) supplies
  • +100% intel to enemies
  • +75% chance to sabotage constructions
  • +25% attrition