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Experience, often abbreviated to XP, is gained at the national, commander, and unit level.

National experience

National experience is gained during combat and training, including volunteer forces and lend-leased equipment. Some national focuess and ideas can also give national experience. There are three types of national experience: army, naval, and air.

Army experience

Army experience is used to modify division templates or to create variants of land Equipment.png equipment.

Naval experience

Naval experience is used to create ship variants.

Air experience

Air experience is used to create aircraft variants.

Commander experience

Main article: Command group

Commanders gain experience as the forces under their command engage in combat.There are no air commanders. However, air combat may generate aces.

Unit experience

Individual land and naval units also gain experience. This gives a modifier to combat:

Experience level Minimum experience Modifier
Green/Fresh 0% -50%
Trained 10% -25%
Regular 30%
Seasoned 75% +25%
Veterans 90% +50%

Casualties reduce the experience of a unit. This loss can be reduced with Field Hospitals.