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This is the documentation page for Шаблон:Flag.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.


Used to place flags inline.


Parameter Effect
1 Required. Name of the country (e.g. France)
2 Optional. Default is with standard country name as a label.
Can add an alternative label (e.g. Bananas), or set to 0 to remove text label
file Optional. Default is '{{{1}}}'
Can be used to avoid English captions.


Example code Result
{{flag|Norway}} Norway Norway
{{flag|Germany|0}} Germany
{{flag|France|Bananas}} France Bananas

Further examples

Example code Result with 'file' parameter Result
{{flag|Norway|Норвегия}} Norway Норвегия {{flag|file=Norway|Норвегия}} Норвегия Норвегия
{{flag|German Reich|0}} German Reich {{flag|file=German Reich|Третий рейх|0}} Третий рейх
{{flag|France|бананы}} France бананы {{flag|file=France|Франция|бананы}} Франция бананы